Fourth Debt (Indebted #5) by Pepper Winters

Indebted #5 OMG
Pepper Winter, a beautiful woman; wonder where all the dark images come to mind for you to write detailed ancient torture devices and techniques. So much happened at the end of Indebted #4 that I couldn’t wait until #5 came out to answer certain questions:
I wondered if Jethro, Kes, and Vaugh are dead or alive?
Trying to decipher who is friend or foe?
Is the Debt Inheritance legal, even in this day and age?
Some of the questions are answered yet still some remain, and other issues arise.
Bonnie Hawk, aka the Devil, reincarnated perpetuates the debt inheritance. She is insistent history is going to repeat itself. Nila fell in love with Jethro just like her great- great grandmother, Elisa, fell in love with Jethro’s great-great grandfather, Owen. They even resembled their ancestors. A picture is worth a thousand words.
Spoil alert: A character from another series appears in this volume.
Does Daniel inherit Nila? Does he take her to South Africa? Do his threats come to fruition?

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