Christmas Cottage/Ever After by Samantha Chase

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The Callahan Family is all about tradition, like most families there are folklore, legends, and customs. The Callahan family owns a huge Ranch with a separate one-room cottage set back in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. The tradition since the Depression, the family (immediate and extended) celebrates Christmas every year together on the Ranch; this is also the best time to have a wedding. The legend is the newlyweds spend the first night together in the cottage, and their marriage will last forever. Growing up Ava Callahan listened to her grandmother repeat the folklore of the Christmas Cottage having charm and magic. She was obsessed with her happily ever after.

The original plan was Ava, and Mason were planning on getting married in late summer or fall the following year. Ava wanted the whole charm, magic and everlasting love only the Christmas Cottage could obtain. They upped their Wedding for this Christmas Eve. Lacey Quinn is Ava’s life long best friend and maid of honor. Mason is having his best friend from college, Brian as his best man, except Brian and Mason had a falling out, so now Ean Callahan is going to stand in as best man. Lacey has always crushed on Ean and remembers the most horrible incidence in her life. Ean, age eighteen, just graduated from high school and was leaving for college when Lacey age fourteen, kissed him with a passion that was not expected. Ean never forgot the kiss and in his geekiness hardly ever dated he was busy building his company.

Ava’s concentration was set on the Christmas Cottage so much that she had a binder with 17 divisions on how she expected the Cottage to look. She gave instructions to Lacey telling her it was part of the job being maid of honor, and the best man will be helping her out with the task. Lacey knows there is something up Ava’s typically not demanding or a Bridezilla. With some questions, Ava comes clean regarding her and Mason being on the same page with their future. Ava believes that all of the differences can be taken care of with the magic of the cottage. Lacey suggests postponing the wedding until the following Christmas, but Mason doesn’t want to wait.

Does the cottage have that much charm and magic? Does Ava find her happy ever after? What happens with Lacey? Does Lacey end up with Ean? This story is for people who love HEA. coverChristmascottage

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