Anything for You by Kristan Higgins

Anything for You

Kristan Higgins is just one of my favorite go-to authors after reading something dark. For the most part, her writing can always make me smile.

Anything for You touches upon some deep issues; Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, children of alcoholics, adult children of alcoholics, poverty, bullying, sexual promiscuity, fidelity, divorce, second families, trust, and “normal” relationships.

Kristan did her homework on these issues to write this book perfectly.
Having done research on these issues in college, Kristan’s portrayal of all the characters in this story are correct. Which is important even if the book in fictional it is still believable. Although this book touches upon some deep issues, it is written in a way that doesn’t knock you over the head. There is pretty light stuff, fun moments, the banter between siblings, and an HEA.

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