Catch me

I remembered receiving the Nook from my loving husband for my birthday in 2011. I believe that is when the introduction to Jennifer’s writing started and couldn’t get enough of her words (stalker). The Steele Brothers were one of many series that I have read. Since then I think I have read everything on different devices:

Heart of Steel
Dare Me
Play Me
The Book of Spells
Sex, Lies, and Contracts
Holiday Hoax
The Tantric Principle
All the Way
Baby, it’s cold outside
Beyond me
Catch me
Dantes Fire
Executive Seduction
Searching for Someday
The Marriage Merger
The Marriage Mistake
The Marriage Trap
All the Way
Summer Sins
Searching for Always
Searching for Beautiful
Chasing Me
Jennifer’s Sneak Peeks
Searching for Perfect
Searching for Someday
Rising Storm (Dance in the Wind)

Like I said stalker( fangirl) whatever you want to call me, it’s all good. I re-read Catch Me after reading about 690 books, Catch me, was all new to me, some things I remember, but other details not so much. I loved the book so much more the second time around and would suggest other fans to re-read as well. If you’re not like me, fangirl, and are a newbie to Jennifer Probst, lucky for you, JP re-released the series, read it!

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