Maggie Adams

MaggieAdamsAfter spending two and half days reading Whistlin Dixie, Leather and Lace, and Something’s Gotta Give the Minx left me with a cliffhanger!

Met Maggie Adams at a release party for Melody Dawn’s first book! Maggie appeared to be a sweet, fun author, that I was intrigued to know.  I purchased her books, then began the process of reading them, she didn’t mention that it was a series about SEVEN brothers! She is driving me crazy, and I’m not so sure when the next book is being release! The story is totally BRILLIANT, and I need to know what happens, you just can’t let your readers stew with anticipation or can you?  Well done, Ms. Adams, well done.

Whistlin DixieLeather and Lace

Something's gotta give

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