Life Before Damaged Vol #10 by H.M. Ward


Received an ARC for an Honest Review. As you all know, I am a huge fan of H.M. Ward’s works so that this review might be a little biased.

To those readers who are new to this series, I would highly recommend you read Damaged 1 & 2 before reading the Life Before Damaged Series volumes 1-10. This series is all about Peter Ferro Gantz, Alpha-Cassanova, a badass motorcycle riding rich man who falls in love with a good girl. During LBD series, we see that Peter has evolved into the person shown in Damage series. We see him go through all the highs and lows and experience all kinds of emotions during his journey. Peter Ferro Gantz is one hell of a book boyfriend!

All I can say about this last book is nothing as it appears to be, and prepared for shock & awe. Absolute astonishment!

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