Loving You is Easy by W. Marcus

I ordered this book on October 11th, and it took me over a month to get to read it, there has been a setback in reading a book a day. Didn’t realize when I purchased this book it would be so appropriate; October is domestic abuse awareness month.

November is a time to remember our fallen soldiers and to pay our respects to all who served our country. It is also a time of unrest in our world with recent terrorist attacks in Paris, Lebanon, and Mali. People are screaming put more troops on the ground, blast the hell out of them, and other political bull $hit. When we cannot take care of our Veteran’s whom, come home injured, maimed, PTSD, unemployment, homelessness, and a lot of other issues facing our returning Veterans.

Ms. Marcus is unbelievable with her knowledge of some of our country’s issues. She speaks from her heart without malice or injustice; just realpolitik and gives us one helluva love story!

About this author:
Wendy S. Marcus is an award-winning author of contemporary romance. A nurse by trade, Wendy holds a Master of Science in Health Care Administration, a degree that does her absolutely no good as she now spends her days, nights, and weekends mucking around in her characters’ lives creating conflict, emotion, and, of course, a happily ever after. Wendy lives in the beautiful Hudson Valley region of New York. When she’s not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, which includes her dog Buddy, and blogging/e-mailing/tweeting/facebooking with her online friends. To learn more about Wendy and her books visit her website: http://www.WendySMarcus.com.
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