Indigo Nights by Louise Bay

Indigo NightsIndigo Nights by Louise Bay
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Received an ARC for an honest review.
Beth Harrison’s introduction is “What the Lighting Sees,” through her brother Jake Harrison. We know that Beth has some issues with her mother’s death, her father’s new life, the recent breakup of her relationship, and her addiction to alcohol. We catch up a little in “Calling Me Series,” Beth is working on her recovery as well as her baking.
Indigo Nights, Beth gets an opportunity to star in her show baking as she has in her YouTube videos, only hitch the location is back in Chicago. On her way to Chicago, she meets tycoon, Dylan James, who invites her to the best sex she ever had. Beth returns the favour but adds the cake, nothing better than sex and cake.

Throughout the book Beth is concerned with her sobriety and recovery but not about learning to live in this new life without alcohol. While most books state it’s a work of fiction, there is some truth to behold. Most people I have met in a twelve step programs worry about recovery they have no idea how to live in their new world without their vice. Therefore, the urgent need to use again when stuff gets real, relapse is always a possibility. Which is one of the many reasons why I freaking love Louise Bay writings. She seems to write from the heart with the knowledge of real live $hite.

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