Away from the Dark by Aleatha Romig

Away from the Dark is the conclusion of Into the Light. As a huge fan of Aleatha’s, personally, there needs to be another book to help me find out what happens to all the characters I fell in love with especially Fred. I’m hoping Thomas & Mercer are paying attention; alright let’s get on with the review.
It’s difficult to give a review without spoilers, and I hate spoilers. Therefore, I will only tell you this; if you are a fan like me, you will not be disappointed with this series. In true Aleatha style, there are twists and turns and things left up to the reader to determine. If you are new to Aleatha Romig writing, you will be surprised and awed by her writing style. She never disappoints her readers and always delivers with the best stories you will ever read, leaving you with one helluva of a book hangover. Trust me book hangovers are a real thing. I give this series 10 stars and put it on the must read, re-read status.

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