Neighborhood Watch by Stylo Fantome

Rules to Join The Neighborhood Watch:

1. If you see something, say something

2. Report all illegal activities to the authorities

3. Do not associate with criminals

4. And certainly, don’t fall for them!

Tori Bellows is a really good friend. She’s always there when a shoulder is needed to cry on, to give dating advice, or for a good ol’ time. Now, though, Tori is the one who needs a shoulder to lean on when she’s in a tough spot. But all of her friends are too busy with their own lives.

Enter the Twin Estates’ resident bad boy, Landon Edenhoff. When he offers her an all expenses paid vacation, she’s immediately suspicious – he’s rarely nice and his intentions are never good. But she’s ready for a change of scenery and knows she can give as good as she gets from Mr. Rude & Nasty himself.

After all, how bad could this neighbor really be?

We first met Victoria (Tori) Bellows as Katya Tocci best friend and roommate who fell for Liem Edenhoff in Neighborhood I & II (Twin Estates). Tori waited through the Katya competition between Liem and Wulfric Stone, Stone won. Then Liem’s Twin Estates venture, where he fucks every available single woman including, Brighton Stone before falling in love, YES, love, with Ayumi Nakada in Block Party.

Tori developed an all-consuming crush on her boss, Liem, that was before she fucked his twin brother Landon Edenhoff, M.D.

When the thought of going through the holidays alone and depressed or going to an all expense paid vacation to Bali, always choose Bali, unless of course, you go with a chain-smoking, vodka chugging, coke addict.

Just remember the rules! Stylo has a way with words that make you laugh out loud, cringe, and cry all within one paragraph. I loved reading this series.

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