Jewel E. Ann

It’s a job of a blogger to bring you the latest and greatest reads, make you aware of the best authors, especially in the Indy world when there are so many great authors to choose from.

If you haven’t met Jewel E. Ann, you should get acquainted, yup she wrote Transcend/Epoch which released earlier this year. However, she has written several other books: Idel Bloom, Holding you/Releasing me, Undeniably You, Only Trick, Scarlet Stone, Jack & Jill Series ( End of the Day, Middle of the Knight, Dawn of Forever), One, Look the Part, and When Life Happens. She is currently working on Naked Love and she is co-writing a book with Kate Stewart, Sleight of Hand.

Jewel’s writing is impeccable, without a doubt she will bring all the feels, her sense of humor is somewhat dry but hilarious, she never uses the same line twice. She has a voice and style but it’s unique, nothing is repetitive, you will not find a form-like structure to her writing that you find with other authors and series.  Oh, and her characters have distinct names and even stranger nicknames. If you want more information you can find her here:

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