The Son & his Hope by Pepper Winters

While this book is a complete stand-alone, my suggestion is to read The Ribbon Duet first to get the most from this experience. Yes, reading this novel is an experience. If you are familiar with Pepper Winters work, you know that your emotions will be all over the place. Ms. Winters has a way of writing that sucks you into her world. A world in which her characters come alive, and you are watching from the sidelines unable to do anything but experience what she has created for us, her lucky readers. 

Jacob Ren Wild’s story, the one in which he is trying to survive without his beloved father to help guide him through life. One in which he suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Pepper Winters’ has outlined the book into three parts. 

The first part is always the introduction. Here we learn about Jacob as a young boy when his parent’s story becomes a motion picture movie. Where Jacob meets Hope, the young girl who changes his life by becoming his non-friend, they have one thing in common, they both have suffered the loss of a parent. 
The next part covers his early twenties, and more traumatic events occur more heartbreak and suffering, onto the last part where he travels to try and find his solace and peace. 

From the beginning of the duet to now this love story is unlike any other ever told, it’s unique, soulful, hopeful, and tragic. Well Done, highly recommended.

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