✵‿➹⁀🔥‿➹⁀VENGEANCE: Damien’s Promise‿➹⁀🔥‿➹⁀✵

By Vic Tyler


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â–¶ Genre: Dark Romance / Thriller [ crime | mercenary | (loosely) mafia | forbidden love ]

â–¶ Series: Book 1 of the VENGEANCE Trilogy

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Welcome to our corner of the underworld

where everything you love

can and will be used

to destroy you.


Once upon a time, an angel crashed a demons’ party.

Bruised, battered, and broken – she begged us to shed blood on her behalf.

For justice.



Sweet, pure Adriana is the angel who was prepared to die for her revenge.

And I’m the demon who was raised to live for mine.

When I look at her, I see everything I didn’t have to lose.

I see my last chance at redemption.

She doesn’t belong in my world, and I’ll free her if it’s the last thing I do.

Even if it means destroying everything she loves.

** This book contains adult content intended for mature readers, including but not limited to graphic violence, potential triggers, and explicit sexual content. **

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About Vic Tyler:

Vic Tyler is a new author of contemporary romance novels.

She likes to think she weaves intricate stories about complex characters who come to life, but that’s the roundabout way of saying she writes too much and overshoots her estimated word count by 45%.

(See? Concision is very hard for her.)

So if you want a fantastic (and very hot) bang for your buck, you came to the right place.

When she’s not writing, VT is a compulsive orange eater who’s a little too obsessed with finding the right espresso-to-milk balance for her lattes.

She’s fond of exploring all kinds of things (except caves), baking ’til her kitchen’s a mess, and laughing at the questionably funny.

Oh, and she also enjoys doing puzzles, which is why you’ll often find her breaking her characters’ hearts and finding new ways to piece them together again.

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