Endless Blue Seas

Title: Endless Blue Seas
Author: Annie Dyer
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 29, 2019 Cover Design: Murphy Rae
The first time I saw Anya I was shirtless and holding an axe.
It was June, the weather balmy and Anya was beautiful, but that didn’t matter because I was drowning in my own grief.
Anya wasn’t meant to be my saviour.
I wasn’t meant to be hers.
A perfect summer, an idyllic island, a stream of stolen nights.
All bandaids on an open wound.
If we were going to live again, she deserved more than the fractured shards of the broken creature I’d become.
She deserved love.
Endless Blue Seas is a standalone summer romance, guaranteed to melt your heart and other items.
I’d had many moments in my life that had frozen into my memory: a night outside after a hot day with a group of friends, just laughing and joking, but it felt like a point in time when everything was perfect. There had been my graduation when me and Ryan and our families had just been at this point where everything was perfect then too and then there was now. We’d had weeks of sex and company and conversation. 
And understanding. 
A bolt fired through me, but rather than tear me apart, I saw stars. Ones that shone. Ones that I’d never imagined before. She made me see light when I thought there was none. She made me feel like life carried on and I wanted it to. I fucking wanted it to. 
“Saying no more.” Janie sat back and sighed, watching the kids. There was something unspoilt, special that night. One I’d remember.
Endless Blue Seas ©️Annie Dyer 2019
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