Title: Broken Promises
Series: Broken #2
Author: I. A. Dice
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense
Release Date: August 8, 2019
North and South, but no Star.
Chicago falls into Dante’s hands. The six-year long dream becomes a reality, but it means nothing without Layla by his side. The war has ended, but peace failed to arrive.
Tormented by recent events, Dante struggles to choose a path while hatred keeps losing the battle with love. The mind cannot compete with the heart.
Stuck in a limbo, fueled by fear and memories of what she had lost, Layla hides from the wrath she knows is coming. Despite the outcome, regret is the last thing on her mind. If she could, she’d do it again. Hope is all she has left.
But hope is the mother of fools.
Ghosts of the past come back to haunt them both. Reality verifies their dreams when a new threat emerges – a race against time, death, and three million dollars.
There’s only one rule – there are no rules.
We were nearing the city center when in the crowd of nameless faces I spotted Layla. She walked in the opposite direction, a concerned look on her face.
My pulse throbbed everywhere at once – in my ears, in my veins, in my fingertips. Spades pulled away from the traffic lights, crossing a busy junction. I gripped the seat hard, pretending I hadn’t seen her.
For days I told myself she didn’t deserve me and it’d be wise to forget about her and move on. It worked to some extent until someone didn’t remind me of her. Then all my assumptions went to hell, and I just wanted to touch her, feel her lips, hear her sweet whispers in my ear. To see love in those big, gray eyes.
Now that I saw her, remaining in my seat went against all my instincts. But I had to stay. I had to let her go. She didn’t deserve me.
Her betrayal was all that mattered, right?
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