Title: Between the Sheets
Author: Bella Emy
Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 24, 2019


I’ve been burned so many times, I lost count. I’m done with all men and their stupid games. All I want to do is find one guy who’s willing to just give me pleasure, no strings attached. The one guy who’d be perfect is my best friend’s twin brother, Derek. But that automatically makes him off limits.

I’ve wanted her from the first moment I saw her. But Lauren would never approve. Ellie is my sister’s best friend. But damn, I can’t get her out of my mind. No matter how many women I sleep with, she still haunts me. I can’t get her out of my system.

When a plan is set into motion, what consequences will it bring?
Between the Sheets is intended for mature readers 18+.

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I stumble out of the bathroom, not looking up as I walk. With my hands holding my toothbrush, I bump into a hard surface.
My dark brown eyes look up into smooth hazel ones… Derek.
Why the hell is he on this side of the apartment? There’s a bathroom right next to his room; why does he have to come to the one he knows I’m going to be occupying?
“Sorry,” I murmur under my breath. But again, I’m not sorry. He’s gorgeous.
“Hey, Ellie, it’s cool,” he smiles.
There go my panties again…
I stand there in front of him for what seems like a good two minutes not knowing what else to say or do. I can’t even move. It’s like I’m… in a daze.
He’s shirtless, walking around like he is the only one in this house; gray sweatpants hang perfectly on his waist, and I have to look away before I stare too long at the outlining of his very large…
Okay, Ellie, you’d better stop before you get yourself into something you can’t get out of. This is Lauren’s brother, remember?
“Well, I’m all done. I’ll just be out of your way,” I say, finding my words, starting to run back to my room with my tail between my legs.
Can you get pregnant just by looking at someone? ‘Cause if so, I’m nine months already. Shit, I’m so fucked. My ovaries are going all types of crazy right now.
And right as I’m about to enter my room for the night, I hear him say, “You should stay.”

Author Bio

Bella Emy is a USA Today Bestselling Author.
She loves all books, but her favorite genre to read, as well as write, is romance. Bella loves creating heartbreaking stories that will deeply touch her readers, but in the end, a good HEA is usually the turnout.
Whenever Bella is not typing away on her computer with a nice hot cup of coffee, she loves spending time with her family and friends. Her favorite places to go are the movies, the beach, or just on a good plain old road trip. Some of her must haves are coffee, chocolate, pizza, music, & movies.

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