Even if it hurts is a contemporary romance that incites all the questions and what if’s.

Chloe Kennedy met the love of her life while studying abroad in London for a semester with Oliver Bennet. However, their time together and the memories they created needed to be forgotten for Chloe to move on with her life now.

She got the degree, the internship, the coveted job, the money, but the thing missing was love. She wanted to feel like she felt when she fell in love back in London, all the feels, the tingling, the excitement, the butterflies, she wanted it all.

Lance Hamiton, attorney at law, ridiculously rich and handsome man, makes his entrance known from the very beginning knowing what he wants in life and never settling for something less. Chloe, being the woman that she is, accepted Lance’s need to be demanding and calculated, never trying to change his ways or his mind and their relationship was one perfect match.

Now the questions begin, is love bigger than just one man? Would you give up everything to be with the one you love? What about your dreams, your plans, your vows, your promises, do they mean nothing? Would you risk it all for love?

Marni Mann has a way of writing all the impossible things, and she delivers on asking and possibly answering all the impossible questions, giving new meaning to the question, would you ever?

Spark by Aleatha Romig

My Review:

Spark is Patrick Kelly’s story; we first met him back in Secrets, The Web of Sin Series. Patrick was the deliciously handsome driver who picked up Araneae McCrie and delivered her to his boss, Sterling Sparrow. It is all coming back to you? I pray that it does, after all, Secrets came out in 2018, seems like forever when Sterling Sparrow made his presence known. Patrick Kelly is Sterling’s right-hand man; he lives in the Sparrow ( bat) cave next to Sterling’s the Left-Hand man, Reid, the wizard behind the curtain. All three men met around the age of eighteen, enlisted and served together along with Mason, who found his way back to the pride. The four men have supported each other and made Chicago’s underground a little safer for children and homeless people. When Sterling Sparrow took over the organization, he needed people whom he could trust, and his most trusted allies are; Patrick, Reid, and Mason.
These men trained together, serve their country together, and remained true to each other, by building a bond based on shared experiences. They took what happened to them before their training and put it behind, only moving forward. So, yes, each one of them has past lives, somethings in their past remain there and some show up out of the blue.

As I finished this amazing story, the Song, Try by Pink came into my head, listen to the lyrics.
Where there is desire
There is gonna be a flame
Where is flame someone’s bound to get burn
Just because your burn doesn’t mean you’re gonna die
You gotta get up and try

Have you been Aleatha’d?

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