Forgetting the Rules by Mariah Dietz


?????????? ??? ????? is LIVE! This is a second chance sports romance, stand alone. Take a peek inside…

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“I didn’t think I could fall anymore in love with these characters!! Ian and Rose’s story was everything I could I’ve ever imagined and more! Once I started, I couldn’t put it down and now I am heartbroken that it is over! If I could give this book (or the entire series) more than 5 starts I would!!”- Nikki, Goodreads


It all started with a lie.

I met Ian Forrest, middle linebacker and Roman God reincarnated last winter.

Dark hair and steel eyes, granite stacks of muscles, and a secret smile that made me weak.

You see, once upon a time, I Rose Cartwright, believed in happily ever after’s.

But life had taught me too quickly that rules are necessary and that gilded cages won’t protect your heart.

Yet, our lives began to weave together—a seamless and beautiful tapestry of ‘non-date’ dates.

By the time summer arrived, so had my nerves.

He was leaving for two months, so I drew a hard line in the sand and labeled what we shared a friendship, though we’d both known it was more.

Now, it’s the beginning of senior year, and once again, everything is bringing us together.

Only now, the secrets are bigger, the lies greater, and the stakes are even higher.

Will the pressure break us apart

Or will I be able to forget the Rules?

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My Review: ****


Rose Cartwright, a 21-year-old college student with her act together than most older adults, myself included. She is beautiful, caring, and intelligent. Rose is carrying the weight of her parents’ divorce on her shoulders, and she made promises to herself about relationships. Well, that was before she met Ian Forrest, the middle linebacker with dark hair, eyes of steel, a smile that melts her heart, and oh, did I mention muscles with enough stamina to last at least four rounds.

Here are two of my favorite lines.
“We aren’t girlfriend material. We are made for good times & better memories.”
“Happiness & adventure have always been her true north.”

This story is more than true love it also addresses bullying, athletes, inequalities, and other social issues.

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