The Bluff by Willa Nash

Release Date: February 4th
Calamity Montana #2




But one night, boredom drives her to the local bar, where she finds herself sitting beside a handsome and mysterious artist.

The man is anything but dull and tame, especially in the bedroom, and when she steps out of his shower and overhears his conversation, life gets interesting again.

Reese Huxley needs a wife.


As Calamity’s newest resident, Everly Christian thought life in small-town Montana would be dull and tame—and she needs a little mundane after the last few chaotic years.
And why shouldn’t Everly be the bride?

She’s got her reasons for agreeing to the hasty nuptials—reasons she’s keeping to herself. As long as she can stop herself from falling in love with her husband, she’ll make it out of this sham marriage in one piece. But Everly has a weakness for wayward men, and the more Hux pushes her away, the more she realizes this bluff is anything but a lie.




“You need a wife.”

“It was a joke.”

She sipped the hot, black liquid. “Was it?”

Everly had this way of posing a question that contradicted everything. Like the first night, we’d met at the bar, and I’d told her she’d missed the excitement.

Did I?

One two-word question that had led me straight to her bed.

Well, this two-word question wasn’t going to lead me to the altar.


My Review:  ****

The Bluff is the second book in the Calamity Montana series. It’s Everly Christian’s story of how she handles her new life in Calamity since their stalker was shot and killed. Everly was expecting Calamity to be calm, dull, and tame. She stayed hidden in her loft above what would be the new gym/yoga studio in town. One boring night and she finds herself in Jane’s bar near closing when she meets Hux. Resse Huxley, a single father, an artist who owns a gallery in town, and Savannah’s father. And you know that a single father with a young daughter must be in want of a wife! Hux has been trying to gain custody of his daughter to no avail. His ex-wife has dragged him through the mud and has drained his reputation around town.

A fake marriage, small-town romance, hot alfa cranky man, a single dad, with a beautiful young woman with lots of talent. This story has it all!

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