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When Ryan Clooney moves to the outskirts of his small town, the last thing he expects to find is love. Cursed to always be single, he’s burned-out on blind dates and pity “plus-ones.” He’s through waiting for The One to arrive. But once he meets Maggie, the beautiful, young widow next door, his plans change.

Maggie O’Malley is not looking for love. Since losing her husband, she has withdrawn from small-town life and prefers to be left alone. But her new neighbor doesn’t seem to understand personal privacy, and the more he intrudes on her solitary life, the more she remembers how wonderful friendship can be.

Determined to reach Maggie’s heart, Ryan has an awakening of his own, and learns what love is all about.

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Meet Lydia

Lydia Michaels is the author of over thirty-five novels and the consecutive winner of the 2018 & 2019 Author of the Year Award from Happenings Media, as well as the recipient of the 2014 Best Author Award from the Courier Times. She has been featured in USA Today, Romantic Times Magazine, Love & Lace, and more. As the host and founder of the East Coast Author Convention, the Behind the Keys Author Retreat, and Read Between the Wines, she continues to celebrate her growing love for readers and romance novels around the world.

Lydia is happily married to her childhood sweetheart. Some of her favorite things include the scent of paperback books, listening to her husband play piano, escaping to her coastal home at the Jersey Shore, cheap wine, 80’s pop culture, coffee, and kilts. She hopes to meet you soon at one of her many upcoming events.

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My Review ****

Lydia Michaels brings her readers back to McCullough mountain and the outskirts of town, introducing Ryan Clooney. Ryan is the handsome cousin who runs the mill with Finn and works at O’Malley’s, filling in for Kelly while he is exploring his art. The last thing he expected when he moved out of town was to fall in love.

Maggie May O’Malley, the young widow who lost everything when her husband was killed in a horrible accident. Nash was her first everything; they had their ups and downs, but that is what true love was all about, and since he is gone, she needs to find herself.

This story is about grief, an all-encompassing emotion with or without therapy. However, it’s also about second chances and picking up the pieces of your heart to go on.

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