The Best Man by Lydia Michaels

The Best Man by Lydia Michaels is now live!

Patrick fell for Julie in kindergarten when she shared her snack with him. As her childhood best friend, he adored and protected her for years, until she gave her heart to someone else. Loving Julie meant letting her choose her own path, so he did the gentlemanly thing and bowed out of her life, but never stopped loving her from afar. 

When Patrick returns to Jasper Falls for his brother’s wedding, Julie is there–alone–and he decides it’s time to hang his heart on the line, but Julie has been keeping secrets, too.

Is it ever too late for a first love? When it comes to Julie Cook, there could never be another. And, this time, Patrick Clooney is determined to prove himself as the best man.

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Meet Lydia

Lydia Michaels is the author of over thirty-five novels and the consecutive winner of the 2018 & 2019 Author of the Year Award from Happenings Media, as well as the recipient of the 2014 Best Author Award from the Courier Times. She has been featured in USA Today, Romantic Times Magazine, Love & Lace, and more. As the host and founder of the East Coast Author Convention, the Behind the Keys Author Retreat, and Read Between the Wines, she continues to celebrate her growing love for readers and romance novels around the world.

Lydia is happily married to her childhood sweetheart. Some of her favorite things include the scent of paperback books, listening to her husband play piano, escaping to her coastal home at the Jersey Shore, cheap wine, 80’s pop culture, coffee, and kilts. She hopes to meet you soon at one of her many upcoming events.

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My Review: ****

The Best Man by Lydia Michaels is the second book in the Jasper Falls series. This story is about Patrick Clooney, Ryan’s younger brother, who we met in Wake My Heart. Patrick finished his residency in Philly and is returning home to Jasper Falls to start his medical practice, but first, he needs to stand up with his brother at his wedding as his best man. Patrick’s best friend growing up is Josphine (Jo) Cook. When he left for college, Jo followed him to Philly, where they’ve lived for the past few years. Jo has a secret that her family doesn’t know, and she has no plans on telling them anytime soon; even her twin sister, Julie, has no idea. Patrick fell in love with Julie when she shared her snack with him back in kindergarten, and he has been pining away for her since. Secrets and lies are about to burst wide open, and the welcome home and wedding are going to be specular!

***Here’s are a few lines that tickled my fancy, so stop reading if you don’t want spoilers.***

I carried you for nearly a year, gave up my youthful figure, and nursed you ’til my nipples were sore.

Do you always use that much tongue? Jesus, I feel violated.

Some people cut the heads off others to make themselves feel taller.

It’s not screwing up when someone consistently changes the rules without warning.

Gaslighting and manipulation grow to physical abuse, abuse that can reach a child.

Your back ally fish dealer has my whole street stinking like a medieval brothel on an August day.

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