Private Player by Louise Bay



Release Date: July 27th


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?? Friends to scorching-hot lovers

?? Workplace romance

?? Brooding British billionaire

?? One night stand that comes back to bite the next morning



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The first time I meet Madison Shore, I’m greeted by her knickers. She’s upside down and trying to untangle herself from my chair at a wedding.


I get to see a whole lot more of her later that night.


The second time I meet Madison Shore is in my London office. Turns out she’s a journalist writing an article about me.


To keep control of my company, I need to convince people I’m more serious about business than my playboy reputation suggests. Madison holds my future in her hands.


Now I just need to convince the woman I took to bed on Saturday night that I’m not the player everyone thinks I am.


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About the Author:

USA Today bestselling author, Louise Bay writes sexy, contemporary romance novels – the kind she likes to read.


Ruined by bonk-busters and sexy mini-series of the eighties Louise loves all things sexy and romantic. There’s not enough of it in real life so she disappears into the fictional worlds in books and films.


Louise loves the rain, the West Wing, London, days when she doesn’t have to wear make-up, being on her own, being with friends, elephants and champagne.


She loves to hear from readers so get in touch!


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My Review: ****

Private Player is about Nathan Cove, one of the youngest chief executive officers, CEOs who took his company, Astro, Public with Financial Times Stock Exchange, FTSE. Nathan has more than himself to answer to and based on his reputation, the board of directors and stockholders are not pleased with his recent scandal of him dating a married woman. He’s hired a public relations manager, Gretel, to help clean up his reputation. Nathan is at a wedding when Gretel calls him with the recent news about another picture surfacing and comes up with a plan. Nathan meets Madison Shore at this wedding, and she is upside down stuck in a chair with her knickers showing. However, later that evening, even more, will be showing. Little do they know this is the start of their story. Madison Shore is a journalist at the Post. She is trying to make a name for herself as a hardcore news journalist rather than writing fluff articles in a magazine. When she is assigned to write a piece on the youngest private player, CEO, much to her dismay, it’s Nathan from the wedding.

While this story is good, the best part is Nathan and his family, his parents, and four brothers. Their interactions, banter, and knowledge of each other is the best part of this story.

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