Summer Lovin Laurelin Paige & Katie McGee

My dating season has come to a close, and I’m ready for a Hot Boyfriend Summer…

Almost every single thing in my life has changed over the past year.

New job.

New me.

New knowledge.

Ah, to be young again, with the wisdom I have gained over a year’s worth of dating-as-a-competitive-sport.

If only I’d had just about an inch more before I made my commitment…


My Review: ****

Summer Lovin is the final book in the Dating Season series. Chloe is starting a new job, a new business, finding true love, and trying to adult, like her best friend, Charlotte. Chloe finds happiness, and those she met along the way help make her life that much more. I loved Chloe’s character; she is the girl everyone wants to be friends with, who else will make Pinterest boards for every occasion in their lives, or who would wear a pregnant belly so that she could understand what Charlotte was going through. The Dating Season is a fun, quirky story about one woman’s journey joining a dating app and meeting her new friends.


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