Wasted Love with you by Whitney G.


Title: Wasted Love (with you)
Series: Wasted Love Trilogy #1
Author: Whitney G.
Genre: Contemporary/Light Erotic Romance
Release Date: February 28, 2022




The last time my husband gave me an orgasm was … Well, that’s never happened.


And from the way our marriage is crumbling under the weight of his lies, it never will.
Alas, after fighting like hell for a divorce, I promise myself that I’ll never waste love on anyone else.


I don’t even want to ‘date’ anyone else.


But that’s until I literally run into a man who leaves me breathless at first sight, a man who etches his way into my memory with nothing more than a single smile and a question.
He’s an enigma who doesn’t want to give me his first name—a man who has more secrets than answers—and from the sexy smirk on his lips, I know that I should stay far away from him.


I try to keep my distance, but he pursues me anyway …


When he offers me a job I can’t refuse, I throw caution to the wind and take a chance.


I should’ve thought about this a little more.


Little do I know, this man is about to take me on a dangerous ride that might cost me everything.


Book 1 in the wickedly addictive Wasted Love trilogy.









Whitney G. is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling author. Her books are currently published in over a dozen languages.


She lives deep in the Tennessee woods and spends most of her time drinking coffee while penning dirty-talking alpha males.
Find out more about her next project at www.whitneygbooks.com
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My Review: *****
Wasted Love with You started as a weekly blog story that Whitney has decided to publish for all to read. Whitney readers will love this one as it is full of angst, banter, and all things Whitney. For those readers who are not familiar with Whitney’s work, now is a great time to start reading.

Autumn Jane is married to Nate Taylor, I would like to say they’re happy, but only one person seems to be content in this arrangement. They met while she was in high school and were married at a young age; he went to college; she wanted to study music, but he promised her that she would fulfill that dream in time. Instead, she worked part-time in a craft store, and her side hustle was a Luther, someone who repairs musical instruments. Back in the day, Autumn and Nate played a game with other drivers who were speeding; they would keep pace with the car and follow until they took off at an exit—never following on private roads or anything creepy. One night while driving, Autumn catches a McLaren speeding past her; she picks up the pace and follows him to a gated driveway with the letter R embedded within the bars. A man gets out and looks at her, not realizing that indeed had driven on a private drive and was now scened, quickly leaves the property. A few days later, she runs into this man again at Odette’s. Who is Mister R?

Now you might be thinking, what a coincidence? Well, I’m here to tell you nothing in this story is what it seems. You might be throwing the damn book at the wall when done. You’re welcome; insert evil laugh, love Whitney. To be continued.

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