Memories of a Life by Jewel E. Ann

Memories of a Life: Colten & Josie: Part Two by Jewel E. Ann is now live! The girl I met when we were nine is now the woman who said “yes” to being my wife. But Josie’s not planning our wedding; she’s too consumed by things that happened over a century ago. She has terrible dreams and unrelenting visions of the unspeakable. I believe her, but I don’t understand her. If I can’t understand her, I can’t stop her. If I can’t stop her, I can’t save us. And without us … well, I can’t imagine that world. Download today or read FREE in Kindle Unlimited! Amazon: Amazon Worldwide: Goodreads: Start Part One, Pieces of a Life now!
Meet  Jewel E. Ann
Jewel is a Wall Street Journal & USA Today bestselling author with a quirky sense of humor. When she’s not saving the planet one tree at a time, you can find her role modeling questionable behavior to her three boys, binge-watching Netflix with her husband, and writing mind-bending romance. Connect with Jewel Website: Goodreads: Amazon: Facebook: Facebook Group: Instagram: Twitter: Bookbub: Pinterest: Tiktok: My Review: ***** Memories of a Life is the continuation of Pieces of a Life, so if you need to read Pieces of a Life first before reading Memories of a Life. Colton Mosley and Josephine Watts loved each other with their heart and soul, a love so deep that it didn’t matter if they were “a little broken at the time, chipped, cracked, or shattered into a million little pieces.” “There is no competing with us.” “We are more than pieces of a life…more than memories of a life… we are…” “Everything.” This story is phenomenal! I honestly cannot say more about this story without spoilers; therefore, I can tell you it’s an emotional, all-encompassing roller coaster with the deepest lows and the highest highs, and she throws in some unexpected curls and bends. Jewel E. Ann is indeed a magnificent author.
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