At Last by Whitney Dineen

Release Date: February 1



Queen Charlotte of Malquar has been hard at work setting up all her children, but so far, she’s been unable to find someone for Sophie.




Princess Sophie was supposed to be the second royal sibling to marry, but she broke her engagement when she found out her fiancé was cheating on her.




Sophie has all but given up hope of finding her own fairytale ending. That is, until a mystery bouquet of roses shows up at the palace. The note says they’re from Arlo Hammond. After years of pining for the man she thought was her everlasting love, Sophie finally released all thoughts of Arlo, only to have him show up again thirteen years later. Why?




Will Arlo’s explanation win Sophie’s forgiveness? Will she give him another chance and find her own happy ending at last? Or will the heartache of the past be too much to forgive?




Find out in the final installment of Dineen’s bestselling and deliciously romantic Seven Brides for Seven Mothers series!



*** All books in the series read as standalones.



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Meet Whitney Dineen

Whitney Dineen is a rock star in her own head. While delusional about her singing abilities, there’s been a plethora of validation that she’s a fairly decent author (AMAZING!!!). 


After winning many writing awards and selling nearly a kabillion books (math may not be her forte, either), she’s decided to let the voices in her head say whatever they want (sorry, Mom). She also won a fourth-place ribbon in a fifth-grade swim meet in backstroke. So, there’s that.


Whitney loves to play with her kids (a.k.a. dazzle them with her amazing flossing abilities), bake stuff, eat stuff, and write books for people who “get” her. She thinks french fries are the perfect food and Mrs. Roper is her spirit animal.


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At Last, by Whitney Dineen, is about the last unmarried child of King Alfred and Queen Charlotte of Malquar. Princess Sophie and her journey to finding her true love. At one time, Princess Sophie was the first to be engaged to Baron Harquardt; once she found out that he did not give up his mistress, she decided he wasn’t suitable for her, breaking off their engagement.

Thirteen years ago, Princess Sophie went away to university; there, she met her roommate Avery Flemming from the U.S., Texas, that is, and they became best friends. Sophie was hoping for a typical college experience, but that wasn’t happening, so she needed a time away, somewhere where no one recognized her and where she could be an average person. They devised a plan and ended up in Nappes, where they met Arlo Hammond and Daniel Creek, two local boys. Daniel was the player, and Arlo was the hardworking bartender that helped “Betty and Veronica” with a place to stay and places to visit.

This story is very different from the others in folklore, a family legend of Eduardo and Sophie at the Fainting Pond. “There is a fine line between love and hate; there is also a fine line between excitement and irritation.”

Whitney Dineen has a way of writing comedies and romantic comedies. However, she outdid herself with this last story of the Seven Brides for Seven Mothers series.

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