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What to expect: 

??Best friend’s brother

??Secret relationship

??Enemies to lovers

??Single dad

??All the laughs

??Tons of feels



Tarryn King has always been a thorn in Connor Jacobs’ side. Ever since the moment his disabled little sister became best friends with the snooty brat, Connor was left with no other purpose than to be the grumpy big brother, wishing for their falling out.

And he learned to live with that—until the day he gave her the shirt off his back … and discovered it’s possible to be jealous of an inanimate object.

For two decades, that embedded thorn has been the object of his desires. But that’s a secret he’ll never tell. She’ll always see him as her BFF’s mean older brother.

Besides, she isn’t just his sister’s best friend anymore. She’s THE Tarryn King. And what could a famous actress who has everything see in him? A single dad who collects garbage for a living.

But when her very attractive—and very available—costar enters the picture, Connor knows he has to make his move … or live with regret forever.




   Kelsey Kingsley is a romance author living in New York with her husband, son, and a cat named Ethel, who once upon a time wanted to write horror novels but quickly learned she wasn’t scary enough. She loves music, tattoos, makeup, and Edgar Allan Poe. Kelsey is a Slytherin, a hater of cheese, and a fluent speaker of curse words.



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 My Review: *****

The Hero in Her Story by Kelsey Kingsley is about Tarryn King, the best friend of Lennon Jacobs, who we met in The Girl in the Front Row. Lennon has an older brother, Connor, who always protected his sister, but when a four-year-old girl wearing a sparkly pink dress and her hair in pigtails became Lennon’s best friend, the dynamics changed. He felt threatened at age six, and his feelings continued throughout their adult lives; he thought she was a thorn in his side. As teenagers were hanging out on the front porch, Tarryn came over dressed in daisy dukes and a bikini top; Connor removed his St. Savage tee shirt and told her to put it on. He went to college in Connecticut, where he met Monica at a coffee cafe; they hooked up. Nine months later, Sammy was born, and he chose to be an active participant in his daughter’s life and stayed close, working as a sanitation worker. At the same time, the rest of his family lived in New York.

Tarryn’s parents were never married, and she never knew her father, but her mother worked to ensure she had the best of everything except her love. Tarryn’s acting career took off when she landed a leading role in Breckenridge with her co-star Jackson Stark, spending three years living in Scotland and missing home. Lennon is getting married to Dylan Pierce, and Tarryn is her maid of honor, traveling back and forth and surprising Lennon with her appearance with the help of Connor. Their relationship evolves over their shared feelings of inadequacy. Some secrets are revealed while new ones are created, feelings are discovered, and promises are made and broken.

“Love-induced happiness is an illusion. No matter how long it lasts, no matter what you do to hold on to it, the bubble always bursts, and then it hurts.”
“Life is sad.”

The Hero in Her Story is a must-read and a top-five for 2023! This is a stand-alone story, but I highly recommend reading The Girl in the Front Row first since it is a fantastic tale and will give you more background on both Tarryn King, Lennon, and Connor Jacobs. Kelsey Kingsley has outdone herself with this story! Excellent, well done!

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