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The Troublemaker by Jessica Peterson is now live!

Brooks Huntley is the last guy on earth I should ask to take my virginity.

He’s a decade older than me. Lethally hot. And so far out of my league it’s not even funny. The biggest downside to my plan, though?

Brooks is my older brother’s best friend.

I see Brooks every day when I deliver muffins to his office. With his swaggering confidence and sexy smirk, it’s no wonder I’ve always had a crush on him. But I’m not looking to cause any trouble—at first. I just want to give my V-card a long-overdue swipe.

Too bad I have no game when it comes to picking up guys—but Brooks is a master at charming the pants off women. While Brooks himself is off-limits, who better to study for tips on how to get laid?

When he offers me a weekend away at a five-star resort as thanks for satisfying his sweet tooth, I say yes—with the caveat that he comes too. That way I can watch him in action. He counters with a caveat of his own: he’ll come, but my brother can never find out.

On our secret getaway, I do my best to learn from Brooks and take someone new home. But I fail so miserably that Brooks steps in and kisses me “to show me how it should be done.”

And can I tell y’all, I just melted.

Now can I convince him to show me how everything should be done?

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Meet Jessica

Jessica Peterson writes romance with heat, humor, and heart. Heroes with hot accents are her specialty. When she’s not writing, she can be found bellying up to a bar in the south’s best restaurants with her husband Ben, reading books with her adorable daughter Gracie, or snuggling up with her 70-pound lap dog, Martha.

A Carolina girl at heart, she fantasizes about splitting her time between Charleston and Asheville, but currently lives in Charlotte, NC.

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My Review: ***** The Troublemaker by Jessica Peterson is about Brooks Huntley, 34, and her brother’s best friend, whom Greer Fieldstone should not be interested in; he’s lethally hot, a decade older, wiser, and totally out of her league. Greer, 23, owns Drury Lane Bakery and is contracted to serve the trading floor at A&T every morning. She knows Brooks has a sweet tooth and enjoys a triple chocolate muffin with iced coffee. George, her brother, and Brooks met in college and crew with each other; they work together on the trading floor and share secrets. Brooks’ twin sister, Lizzie, died while they were in college, and he’s never stopped grieving her, but he doesn’t talk about her. Some things in this story are hilarious; the drunk turtle and the skating rink scene. However, the touching moments, the grief, the sorrow, and the pain of loss are real.
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