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Lyla Eden has spent the last few years watching her siblings fall in love. Meanwhile, she’s married to her job. It’s on her hundredth consecutive workday that her sister stages an intervention, kicking Lyla out of her own coffee shop. With nothing else to do, Lyla sets out on her favorite hiking trail. It’s there that she spots a man washing blood from his hands in a stream. One moment she’s staring at the jagged scar on his face. The next, his hand is around her throat. But by some miracle, he lets her go.

Shaken to her core, Lyla reports the incident to the local police. Two days later, Vance Sutter arrives in town, armed with endless questions and a tarnished badge. Vance may be ruggedly handsome but he’s as mysterious as the man he’s hunting. And he’ll be gone from Quincy in a blink. Yet Lyla’s crush is impossible to stop. No matter how hard Vance tries to ignore it, there’s no denying the chemistry between them. And avoiding Lyla is not an option. After years of chasing dead ends, she’s his only lead to closing the case that haunts his career. So together, they’ll retrace her steps. To find the scarred man she met beside a crimson river.

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Devney Perry is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author of over forty romance novels. After working in the technology industry for a decade, she abandoned conference calls and project schedules to pursue her passion for writing. She was born and raised in Montana and now lives in Washington with her husband and two sons.

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My Review: ***** There is a reason Devney Perry is called the Queen of small-town romance, and Crimson River is proof of her title, Queen! Crimson River is the fifth book in the Eden Series and is about Lyla Eden, owner and operator of Eden Coffee; she is the twin sister to Talia. While watching the rest of her siblings fall in love, she is building her business. Lyla wouldn’t mind finding that particular person, but she hasn’t had much luck in the romance department. Vance Sutter, an officer from Idaho, has chased a criminal for the last four years; he follows an ABP that his person of interest might be in Montana. This story has everything, small-town, suspense, murder, intrigue, and romance! I have been looking forward to reading Lyla’s story since Jasper Vale was released, and it was worth the wait! Have you seen the cover for Mateo’s book? And the blurb? Holy goodness, the anticipation might just kill me!
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