Aldo by Melanie Moreland


My best friend is the king of the Niagara Falls underworld. There is no one I am more devoted to until she catches my eye and changes everything.

Aldo Ricci

Right hand to Roman Costas.

Enforcer. Loyal.

Alone. Happy to stay that way.

Until she walks into his life.

Violet Nelson

Unexpected. Alluring. Off-limits.

But he can’t stay away.

The last thing he expected from her was the one thing he’d never sought.


A thrilling romance duet from New York Times Bestselling author Melanie Moreland


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My Review: ****

Aldo by Melanie Moreland is the beginning of a new series called Men of the Falls. Brothers Roman and Luca Costas grew up with their mob boss, their father. After their mom died, things changed, and they were pitted against each other and taught to fight one another and all threats, natural or otherwise. Aldo Ricci was their only true friend who grew up the same way; his parents worked for the Costas. They’ve become brothers and support one another, no questions asked; no matter what, they stick together. All was going great until they hired Violet Nelson to waitress in the Deli restaurant in the casino owned by Roman Costas.

Violet lived in Toronto until her boyfriend, Barry, moved in, stole all her money, sold her stuff while she was out working, and left with her best friend, Marie. Needing a change and nothing to lose, she relocated to Niagara and lived in a motel you rent by the hour or day, so getting a job was important. Her interview with Mr. Ricci went exceptionally well, and she was hired on the spot with a lead for another apartment.

Melanie Moreland has a way of drawing in her readers within the first paragraph of a new story and keeps you entertained until the very last word. The only thing is I wanted more, so much more!

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