Sins and Lies by Lexxi James

SINS & Lies is a steamy dark romance and is the second book in The Deal ~ Enzo’s Trilogy and is now available!
My father used to say keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
But what if Enzo D’Angelo is the devil?

Or keep him closest of all?
Because Golden Eyes has made one thing mercilessly
I owe him.
Which means…he owns me.Enzo
I was born to be ruthless.

A wild beast running Chicago in a five-figure suit.
And make no mistake,
When what’s mine is stolen,
Retribution will be ten-fold.
And my wrath to my enemies won’t be swift.
It’ll be slow. Torturously slow.

And for putting me through hell, Kennedy will pay, too.
But her punishment will start at the altar…
And end on her knees.
Meet Lexxi James
As a USA Today Bestselling author, Lexxi James has hit the top 50 bestseller lists on Amazon, Apple Books, and Barnes & Noble, with books sold in over 26 countries. Best known for seductive romantic suspense, she loves matching smoking hot heroes with their soul mates. Her signature style is witty banter, high heat, and a whole lot of heart.She proudly calls the Midwest home where she lives with the man of her dreams and the sweetest daughter in the universe. Her pastimes include reading, loading up on unhealthy quantities of caffeine, and binging Netflix and reality TV. She’s a sucker for kids selling cookies and pretty much anything on Etsy.

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My Review: *****

Sins & Lies by Lexxi James is the second book in Enzo’s trilogy and will end on a cliffhanger.

We met Enzo D’Angelo back in Sin’s Series. He’s known as the devil himself and Chicago’s God of War, among other things. Enzo appears devoid of emotions and feelings; does he even have a conscience? The story picks up where it left off: someone took Kennedy Mullvain-Luciano from Dante’s club while the family celebrated Enzo’s birthday. Clive Weston, the co-owner of Weston’s Dance Academy, wouldn’t hire Kennedy as a teacher until Enzo made a deal with his wife. Clive is an accountant, meaning he laundry money for Andre.’

Andre, driven by his relentless ambition to take control of the family business, has set his sights on Kennedy as the key to his plans.

Will Kennedy be the one to end Enzo’s life, or will it be the other way around? The stakes are high, and someone is destined to meet their end. The question remains: who will survive this dangerous deal?

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