Amnesia by Kelly Elliott writing as Ellie Grace


Title: Amnesia
Author: Kelly Elliott writing as
Ellie Grace
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Tropes: Small Town/Friends to Lovers
Cowboy Hero/Fade to Black Romance
Release Date: June 18, 2024




I’m scared.


When will this nightmare end?
Darkness and cold has tortured me.
I can’t remember anything.
He’s coming.
His footsteps echo like a wrecking ball in my head.
He’s getting closer.
He’s almost here.
I must escape.
He’s here.
Breath tickles my face.
With what little strength I have, I find my way to the sunlight.
Tortured moans become more distant.
Run faster.
I drop with exhaustion.
Did I make it far enough?
I’m being lifted.
Warmth engulfs me.
Please let this be my savior and not my captor.
Amnesia is a stand alone novel.




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Born out of an idea to write sweet romance, or as some call it, closed-door romance, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kelly Elliott decided to bring a pen name to life. Letting her reader group vote on the new name, they came up with Ellie Grace.


After publishing contemporary romance for over 11 years, the new pen name allows Kelly to branch out and write in different genres and tropes. While “Kelly” is known for small-town, western, contemporary romance, “Ellie” will get to explore a bit more with her writing while keeping it on the sweet side of romance. Don’t worry; she’ll still be giving you the swoony heroes, strong heroines, and HEAs that make your heart melt. However, she may make you cry a time or two.
“Ellie” lives in central Texas with her husband, their two pups, four cats, and a plethora of wild animals. When she’s not writing, “Ellie” enjoys gardening, reading, and spending time with her family.


My Review: *****
Amnesia K. Elliott, writing as Ellie Grace

Mallory Lee Wilson, 27, from Arcola, Illinois, lost her parents in a car accident when she was five years old and went to live with her maternal grandmother, Elenore Hapner until she passed away a few months ago. She sold her house, put stuff in storage, and moved to Chicago, Illinois, where she was looking for employment and was staying in a motel until she could find better lodging. The last thing she remembered before turning up in some pasture in Montana was that some man was in her motel room, and she was going to take a shower. Liam Sanders, a rugged and mysterious ranch owner, owns the ranch in Grass Range, Montana. During a rainstorm, he finds what he initially thought was a baby calf. Still, it turns out to be a woman, Mallory, wearing a locket from his missing fiancee, Emily: their connection and the mystery surrounding Mallory’s past drive the narrative forward.

Wow! What a read! I devoured this book in one sitting and couldn’t stop until I finished it! This intriguing thriller, with its relatable characters, is a book I highly recommend for your summer reading list.

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